Core values and work in the spirit of camels

Core values

Content of the core values of JSC China Merchants CHN-BLR Commerce and Logistics Company:

  • Mission of the team: Following the Belt and Road Initiative, to look for options of development abroad;
  • Team values: patriotism, faith in the aspirations, dedication, work in the first line;
  • Team culture: bravely take responsibility, dedication to work and responsibility, pursuit of excellence, solidarity and tolerance;
  • Style of the team: strong will, courage in carrying out the tasks, rigor and efficiency, putting life into work;
  • Core competencies of the team: high mobility, strong professional organization.
Core values and work in the spirit of camels

Spirit of the camels

The Spirit of the Camels is our spiritual source and role model, our team is working in the spirit of the camels, and we always believe that there will be an oasis when we reach the edge of the desert.

Spirit of the camels: Enduring belief, strong will, tough character, fortitude.